5 Cybersecurity tips for remote working

5 Cybersecurity tips for remote working

As the world contends with the COVID-19 pandemic, many sectors are moving into a dealy phase. Governments make a strategy to fight the virus. Social distancing is just because the virus spread rapidly and transfer easily to another one. During the certain conditions companies across the region have enables remote access solutions, cloud hosting & solutions. in these conditions Lemon Communications offers IT Consulting Service the Lemon team to provide cloud hosting, office 365, network infrastructure and security services, firewall services, encryption security service. Lemon Comm reveal these 5 Cybersecurity tips help you to remote working from home.

Cybersecurity Tips for Staff remotely working from Home

1. Set up 2-Factor Authentication
Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is important to improve your online account security. It id also called dual-factor authentications it is a security process in which users provide two different authentications factors to verify themselves this process can make to better both the user’s credentials and the resources the user can access. During the Covd19 condition cybercrime release its report and they told many Malware attacks affected companies data.

2. Use Antivirus Software
Antivirus software detects unharmful viruses from your system, they manage to finds threats and unharmful files from your system and can remove it. A good antivirus software can help to defense by detecting and blocking unknown malware files. the main purpose of antivirus is to protect your system from viruses, malware attacks, spam attacks, and other cybersecurity threats. Get Constant with the Lemon Communications team or contact us with them they can helps you to how you secure your data from cyber threats.

3. Set up Firewalls
After covd19 every day we hear of a computer security breach in the news, many companies ask to employees work from home and they have an online system to hackers can malware attacks and stolen data from many companies. So how can you protect your business or How can you secure it? in these situations network infrastructure security plays a main role in your company and firewalls are one of the best security roadblocks you can protect your computer from the malware threats of the online world. Firewall is important they back up your data and an anti-virus program installed in your computers and networks as well as like e-mail, file server, chat queries, etc. Firewalls works carefully they can scan each port on your computer and to ensure the packets of data going through them comply with the specifications you have set. Lemon Communications provides Sophos Firewall security services Sophos the powerful next-gen protection. Get yourself protected now! Free Demo of Sophos Firewall Contact us Lemon Communications teams.

4. Secure your Home Router
Your Home Router is the most important appliance in your home. Routers check all incoming and outgoing traffic, acting as a robot to check and identify that noting dangerous data come in, and nothing sensitive data goes out. Router controls to your home wifi network and through that all of your phones, laptops, systems therefore hackers prime target to exploit your system. Many routers will come with insecure configurations and they hacked easily. So a few important tips that help to secure your router and home networks.

1. Change Your Router Username and Password
2. Ensure Your Router Firewall Is Turned On
3. Keep the Firmware Up to Date
4. Disable Remote Access, UPnP, and WPS
5. Use a Guest Network, If Available
6. Keep Security in Mind

5. Back up and Secure your data
Data Backup is the most important part of any organization because it can be lost in a certain number of ways, including human error, physical damage to hardware or software, any cyber attack from hackers. So the data backup is a must for your company. So Cloud VPS and Hosting Solution Services is a good option to store your data. In Cloud Hosting you can customize the storage of data. Lemon Communications provides VPS hosting and Cloud Hosting Solutions to check out the website.

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