ELV Solution & Security System

ELV is the terminology used in the technologies world in an attempt to electrically define all the systems in a building which need electricity ELV covers all the new modern technologies that are increasingly becoming must-have systems in every building such as CCTV, fire alarm systems, public address systems, audio/video solutions, access control and intrusion detection systems, home automation, and much more!

Main Purpose of ELV System

The main purpose of ELV system integration solutions is that it has such a broad utilization across all industries is the fact that they decrease the costs of construction and simplify the management of processes. For example, ELV solution systems use the same common data network thus decreasing the costs on cabling and pathways.We provide converged security services by integrating logical and physical network security with physical access control, surveillance and visitor management. We deliver optimally performing secure networks together with tools and resources to monitor and manage an entire ELV infrastructure – across physical, virtual and cloud environments.. We designs and implement various Security Control systems based on solutions.

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