How Can you Protect Against Ransomware Virus Attacks

How Can you Protect Against Ransomware Virus Attacks

Ransomware is basically a computer various that is rapidly fastest-growing cyberthreat today. Difference b/w Malware and Ransomware is that ransomware comes into direct content. For example emails, Infected websites, Fake apps, and Malicious ads, or Malvertising. Malware easily encrypts either the files or the entire system. Malware can grow to the entire network and encrypt all devices on that network. This can shut down entire companies. Hackers attack large enterprises they are the primary targets and once your system or machine is infected, ransomware easily can encrypt your files. Ransomware virus encrypts your data without any key open your operating system directly and rapidly spread to other PCs that are connected with your network. To secure your network and organization data you need to contact IT Consulting Services company or you can use 5 cybersecurity tips for remote working to protect against ransomware and other malware attacks before you become a victim of one of the worst cyberattack.

Ransomware that follows a specific sequence of events calls a “Kill Chain” that infects and spread. Check 4 main Steps of Ransomware.

4 main Steps of Ransomware Malware- Lemon Communications

1. Infection: Through the phishing emails and other infected websites ransomware gets into the organization, bypassing your security protection, and easily download and install itself on the system within seconds without the user’s knowledge.

2. Command & Control: Is a computer-controlled by an attacker and can communicate with server on the internet and used to create an instruction on what to do next. In this case, malware tells to install ransomware attacks, stealing data, deleting data, or encrypting data.

3. Exploitation: When the ransomware virus is installed in your system then the rapidly encrypts data on systems and on the network.

4. Propagation: When propagation is performed that time ransomware spreads throughout both private and public networks and infecting other systems in the organization.

WannaCry, the most dangerous and successful strain of ransomware to date, According to the report infected over 200,000 systems across 150 countries in 2017. Recently Honda Tackling Suspected Ransomware Infection. Every organization infected had network firewalls, anti-virus, or endpoint security products protecting these things contact Lemon Communications IT Team. Get Consultant with IT Consulting Service team and ask security point which firewalls is best for organizations like Sophos and Fortinet.

Free Key Points that Secure your Organizations

  • Protect Your Organizations and Clients data It is always a good idea to avoid opening suspicious emails & email attachments
  • Use your Security Software that protects your system
  • Be Careful which app you download
  • Add 2FA Authentication in your accounts
  • Protect your all Devices
  • Update your all applications
  • Use Latest update of Windows operating system
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