Huge Data Breach Affects 384,319 BMW Customers in the U.K.

384,319 BMW, customers in the U.K hit by massive data breach according to the KELA, a darknet intelligence firm discloses that a hacker group KelvinSecurity they have gained access to a BMW customer database and put them for sale on various darknet forums. According to reports the KelvinSecurity groups claimed that they got the BMW database from a call center that handles customer’s information.

The Stolen record that contains between 2016 and 2018 affecting the U.K customers. Cyberattacker has stolen the sensitive information of BMW customers such as email ids, surnames, their home addresses, car registration information, and car numbers, residential address, names of dealerships. This Hacker group Kelvin Security also exposed 28 databases on various darknet forums, they affecting various organization in various countries like Oran, Australia, Mexico, U.S, Indonesia, Swede, and France.

These cyber-attacks are common things in nowadays due to the pandemic of Covid19 many companies do work from home and their employees don’t which Cybersecurity tips for remote working or which best antivirus software to keep you and your devices safe. To know these things you can get in contact with an expert IT Consulting Service team. The hackers now use technique and target with phishing attacks. Get awareness to employees who work from home. Avoid anonymous messages opening emails and replying to anonymous messages. Hackers get the additional information they put them together and lunch phishing attacks that look very convincing to the victim.

Lemon Communication tells you which endpoint security tools can secure our data, which VPN use to safe from a data breach. Bleeping Computer reported that the hackers were offering another compromised data for sale on the darknet. the stolen data was Frost & Sullivan. They offer the data that was stored on an insecure backup folder available for anyone interested. BMW installed a hacking tool known as “Cobalt Strike” to spy and control its systems. BMW took down the compromised computers and blocked the path that was used by hackers to penetrate the network.

Use these tips and tricks to secure your company data
1. Use Antivirus Software
2. Set up Firewalls
3. Secure your Home Router
4. Use 2FA Authentication Password
5. Connect Securely
6. Connect Securely
7. Backup your Data

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