Office 365 Best To Make Life Easier On The Go

Office 365 Best to Make Life Easier on the go-Lemon communications

After Covd19 pandemic millions of employees all over the world starting work from home conditions. Remote working is a great way to work but in these situations having the proper technology can connect your employees in one platform. One asset that businesses can use to enable remote work is Office 365. Office 365 is a best suite productivity tool that holds cloud services to improve collaboration, communication, and efficiency, including Office apps such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Powerpoint -and much more! Let’s review how Office 365 can work and check how office 365 best to make life easier on the go and thanks to cloud-based Office 365, you can stay connected to your team and projects.

1. Utilize OneDrive

OneDrive is an internet-based storage platform provided by Microsoft to anyone with a Microsoft account. It is just like your system harddrive based in the cloud which you can easily open any time anywhere with Microsoft account login. OneDrive can be accessed from your browser on the Microsoft 365 portal. You can easily save your images, documents, and other files at OneDrive, and also if you work for a team you can share documents images all you have to do is click share and type the contact’s name in. If they are not in your team or in your organization easy to copy the link and set permission to access the file also allowing to viewing or editing that file.

2. Use Microsoft Teams for Live Chat and Video

Microsoft Teams provide live chats and video calls it is a communication hub that provides organizations with ways to easily collaborate with them. With the use of Microsoft’s new messaging app, you can do group conversations, one-to-one chats, video conferencing with teams. Microsoft Teams offers many impressive video conferencing features user can host 1080p calls with up to 250 members, they easily share your screens and record calls. Teams may be the ability to add in Microsoft apps this allows collaborating on word, excel, PowerPoint, or any other kind of documents with a team member in real-time.

3. Word/Excel/Powerpoint In the Cloud

With Office 365 you can use these files easily like Microsoft Word/ Excel/Powerpoint you can save it in your phone or can save them easily cloud and can access anywhere. Get Connect with your teams and you can share any document file with team members they can edit Word/Excel/PowerPoint document together and all changes are tracked and saved. Leave comments in excel files without any use of emails all members can easily see your comments on sheets or highlighted some points.

4. Further Details on Office 365 Benefits Contact with Lemon Communications IT Team!

Does your business already utilize an IT Consulting Services Provider? If not, you can visit Lemon Communication’s get in contact with the IT Consulting Service team and get the best parts of office 365. Lemon Communications provides 24/7 help desk support for your entire organization, along with fully IT Infrastructure Services, Cloud-Based Solutions Services. Cloud Computing with Office 365 is the best option because it can secure, support, and award-winning so most businesses choosing the cloud-based options over the new software like office 2019. Utilizing with the above tips you can and your team working together no matter where you are. With Office 365 you can share Documents, Reporting Files, and other things easily with your team members. After all, Security is the main priority these 5 Types Of IT Services your business can provide in 2020!

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