IT Infrastructure & Security

Lemon Communications range of IT Infrastructure Services are implemented by IT integrators that understand the business, implementing services and technology applications while valuing efficient resource allocation. Our experts are backed by certified training and skills from industry-leading vendors.

Network Infrastructure

In this world of fast-paced technological developments, it is imperative for organizations to have a strong, flexible, and efficient network structure to help them make the most of new business and communication opportunities coming their way. As an enterprise, you must have a strong network infrastructure, with high-performing Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN), to stay competitive in your industry and grab opportunities knocking at your door. As one of the leading IT outsourcing boasts a team of network specialists that can help you enhance and strengthen your network infrastructure, thus enabling you to get the best returns from your investment.

Information Security

Your business needs a productive IT security framework to verify your basic information and system from digital danger and assaults. With vigorous IT security arrangement, you can reinforce and verify your system from digital assaults, for example, programmers, malware, and digital burglary, spyware, and PC infections. This guarantees your basic data isn’t defenseless against digital assaults and ransomware assaults that can make loss of information and serious harm notoriety. Lemon Communications prides itself on our profoundly robust managed security benefits that help our customers remain in front of dangers.

With such a significant number of security dangers drifting around in the internet, you look for a dependable IT Security Solution that can basically wipe out the mystery out of verifying your IT tasks. The security devices and strategies are undeniably more complex than any time in recent memory. Directly from recognizing potential dangers to overseeing security issues, our counseling administrations can assume responsibility for everything IT security at your front, shielding your business from programmers, spyware, infections, malware, and identity ruptures.

Wireless Solutions

Every enterprise today requires an efficient network solution for speedy access to information and faster communication systems. There are reasons why an enterprise chooses a wireless network solution

A wireless network solution for an enterprise is one of the factors that contribute to the success of an organization today, as it enables enterprise wide access to applications and data from anywhere. Having a wireless network solution for your enterprise is definitely worth a try since it will help in delivering smarter and timely access to information.


  • Increase security
  • Reduce time for setup of cable required to outfit a location
  • Improve productivity
  • Allow users quick access to the network

The corporate world in its earlier days witnessed a network solution whose sole purpose was deliver internet services to its business. A revolutionary development in the field of data networking and telecommunications, the wireless network solution that’s enterprise tailored provides users and employees with unimpeded access to your data and applications, irrespective of their location.

With plenty of expertise and experience, Lemon Communications has been successful in providing wireless network solutions for many industry sectors in Pakistan such as education, hospitality, Banking etc.

Virtualization Solutions

Is your business running out of space for storing business data and proprietary information? Is your business willing to invest in a cutting edge technological solution but lack the space and cost to do so? Well the answer to your queries lies in a unique concept called as virtualization. A virtualization solution will work best for businesses that are willing to implement the best technology solutions but lacks the space and cost to do so. Our virtualization solutions include network virtualization, server and storage virtualization. Our network virtualization experts make use of network solutions by utilizing all the existing resources optimally to produce comprehensive technological solutions.

Virtualization helps your enterprise:

  • Improve application performance
  • Reduce energy needs
  • Consolidate servers and increase utilization
  • Virtualize network connections
  • Build next-gen data center with integrated resources designed for virtualization
  • Manage physical and virtual environments
  • Consolidate and manage storage
  • Return on track after a disaster

A virtualization solution is of great importance since they provide the optimum resources to create a cutting edge technological solution without compromising on space. An enterprise in Pakistan with a robust network virtualization solution will easily deal with complex issues related with its resources. Virtualization is a key technology that’s designed to deal with issues of cost & complexity while also optimizing resources. With us virtualization solutions that include network, server and storage virtualization solutions for your business can take the benefit of speedy and flexible deployment of IT Infrastructure to its ever-growing needs.

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