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Zoho create beautiful software to solve business problems. Over the past decade of the journey, the Zoho suite has emerged to be a leader in the cloud and on your devices. In an industry where technology changes at a relentless and dizzying pace, we value persistence and endurance as highly as adaptability. When you choose Zoho for your organization or as an individual, you don’t just get the product. You get our enduring commitment to keep improving your experience. You get our relentless devotion to customer satisfaction. For more information please visit

Website Development

We develop websites that ignite your business

We take a four-dimensional approach to web design to ensure that every website we create is a sales powerhouse.

Of course, we make sure that it looks great, but we also consider three other equally important factors that make the difference between having a website “for the sake of it” and having a website that generates new business in large quantities.

Appearance First impressions count Usability So simple, you don’t even notice it Information It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it Psychology Getting inside the mind of your customer

E-Commerce Solutions

The internet is filled with multiple e-commerce platforms but it takes hard work to find one that is built with a high standard of quality. The development team at Lemon Communications ensures that all e-commerce solutions are built to the highest quality while following the international standards.

These solutions are stringent and easy to pair up with industry standard payment gateways, merchant CMS and support systems. You will receive a quality product that you can put your trust in. We ensure to deliver great experience because we care about your time and resources. You are our paramount interest.

Our experts can architect and design your e-commerce site to reflect your business. Complete customized solutions involve: use of Cascading Style Sheets, shopping carts with online credit card validation, JavaScript drop-down menus, related product links, detailed product description pages, quick quote options, email notifications, fax and SMS integration and much more. Just tell us what you have in mind, and we will translate that into reality.

Graphics Designing

We design for the future, craft new experiences, and open doors to opportunities.

Based in Dubai, we handle graphic design services such as logo and identity development, corporate stationery and business card design, leaflet and flyer design, brand discovery, brand positioning, and rebranding. By clearly defining your purpose, identity, and role, we connect your brand emotionally to the minds of people so they trust you and become your recurring customer.

A creative logo design or brand image is the most important step before any marketing activity to stands out in a densely crowded marketplace.We have developed and delivered great responsive website design across the world.We design and create most stunning and creative brochure or company profiles that provide an effective tool to market your product or services to potential customers.

Content Management

Whether you are applying SEO strategies or sharing on social media platforms, content is at the centre of it all. Your brand identity is communicated through the messages you are sending out. Content marketing is about creating and packaging these messages in a way that helps you achieve your business and marketing objectives. Content is your asset, and it can yield returns.

The right content allows you to effectively communicate with your audience, and engage them with your brand. You can build a community that allows you to address your customer’s needs, and engage with them in a language they understand. The content you push out creates and maintains the image you want, as this is the voice of your brand. Written or visual, when it comes to content, our team is versatile and effective.

Quality content establishes your ​company as a thought leader and go-to resource. Quality content also separates you from your competition. And the right content builds a strong brand voice that people want to listen to.

Today’s customers expect ​businesses to provide more than just a product or service. Successful brands make their customers’ lives easier by:

  • Providing answers to questions they’re asking
  • Anticipating customers’ needs and
  • Serving up fresh and relevant information about useful products or services

Online Media Marketing

There’s a lot more to digital marketing than you think, we do it all. If you want your customers to find you, we can help get them there

From SEO to PPC, from content to social media – our team of talented and experienced professionals create the right package to meet your targets. We are a full-service digital marketing agency that offers turnkey solutions to all your digital needs. From conceptualizing your website to writing creative copy, from optimizing content to driving traffic through social media – we take a comprehensive view of your marketing strategy. The right traffic leads to the target revenue. It’s that simple.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Analytics & CRO
  • Public Relations

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