This Week 10 Big Cyber Security News , June 22 – 29

This Week 10 Big Cyber Security News , June 22 – 29

After the Covid19 every day we read a new cyberattack in small or big level organizations and mostly the attack was DDoS and Ransomware attacks and everyone should know that how can protect against Ransomware virus attacks and DDoS attacks. A Cyberattack is an attack launched from one or more computers against another computer, multiple computers, or networks and easily control them.

1. In Few Years the video gaming industry huge growth and one of the popular games massively multiplayer online (MMO) model. Recently surpassed nine million subscribers worldwide of World of Warcraft game. On 22 June the security researchers are warning players of a popular MMO game that over 1.3 million user records are being sold on dark web forums. Including username, passwords, email addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses belonging to players of Stalker Online were found by researchers from CyberNews.

2. Hackers are using Google Analytics to Bypass Web Security and steal credit card information from adjusting e-commerce sites.

3. On 23rd of June, the news released the Twitter Apologizes To Clients For Business Data Breach. the BBC reported was published that twitter has issued an apology to its business clients that personal information may have been compromised.

4. In 2019 a few high profiles were attacked and after then they detected as (Ransom.Win32.SODINOKIBI family). In Newyork Albany International Airport (ALB) issued a statement that its system had been compromised by a ransomware attack confirmed to be a variant of Sodinokibi and now again cybercriminals in back of and recent Sodinokibi ransomware attacks scanning their victim’s networks.

5. A new malware Fueled By Blockchain researches, has discovered a hassle of malware called Gulpteba. Use of Gulpteba attack the malware that gets mysterious messages from the Bitcoin blockchain.

6. 25th of June the news was hearing that European Bank Targeted in after that it was confirmed that European Bank has been the target of a huge distributed DDoS attack that sent to its networking gear a flood of 809 million packets per second.

7. Security experts have described a self-propagating Lucifer Malware Targets Windows Systems & lunch DDoS Attack using NSA exploits,

8. Apple said last week that they declined to implement 16 new web technologies (Web APIs) in safari. The reason shows of these 16 new technologies they posed a threat to user privacy by opening new avenues for fingerprint users and their devices..

9. A 33-year-old Russian man in Las Vegas on Friday for his role in a global cybercrime ring that caused more than $568 million in losses through identity theft and stolen payment cards.

10. A new version of a known malware campaign aimed at installing crypto miners has changed up its tactics, adding attacks on Windows servers and a new pool of exploits to its bag of tricks.

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