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Cloud Computing

Looking for Cloud Computing Services? You are in the right place, we IT specialists at Lemon Communication providing the solutions for your business needs whether it is cloud security services or Private Cloud Solutions. We have different divisions in this service category. If you have something in mind and want to discuss it, just Call us we always wanted to hear from you!

Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange online

We know it’s a hurdle for a company or business to manage a host server for themselves and want the setup completed and to make things smooth for themselves, right place right time for you! Our team is expert in helping you to build all this setup as Microsoft has cloud solution packages and office applications that help your business in various needs. Office 365 has already become the choice for a business and organization for efficient collaborative work and exchange online is a cloud-based suit. And that’s not all, we have Expert IT support team that will get in touch with you to maintain and make things easier for you.

VPS & Dedicated Server

It’s obviously hard for a company to identify and make decisions upon IT when it’s actually hard for them to manage and maintain that’s why we are here for you. We are specialized in managing the VPS and dedicated server solutions for your needs. We don’t leave our clients after all, we give full IT support services upon to resist them from being stuck in the middle. Our IT professional team will help you plan and configure the solutions as per your needs. Alse Check out our partner for IT Support In Dubai.

Cloud ERP/CRM System

Lemon Communication also provides Cloud ERP/CRM systems that helps you in the flexible management of your organization and helps in the business activities. Our expert IT specialist team provides full support regarding deploying, installing and configuration of ERP & CRM systems in your company or organization. In large companies and organizations, it’s definitely not possible to manage reports and outcomes from the teams, so it’s a need according to requirements and our IT specialist will definitely help you to select and plan what’s best for you.

Google Apps for Business

We help organizations to build a better workflow with the set of cloud computing tools in which a range of Google apps comes. Have an IT team to help you regarding the selection of packages after understanding your needs and requirements to be overall cost effective and increase workflow efficiency. Our team also provides support services to keep your workflow smooth without any worries.

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