Lemon Communications

Information Security

Our highly professional team also educates businesses and organizations to strengthen their security to protect from any attacks and data breach. Also our experts deploy according to requirements after risk assessment. Our Information Security Service Includes Preventing Unauthorized Access, Defense Planning, and Vulnerability Assessment.

Business Continuity

Keeping a business up and running in a smooth way is another level management in the IT now a day, all systems requires maintenance and checkups which kind of a hurdle for any business or organization in their scheduled tasks that’s why we are here providing solutions to resisting failures which resulting a business stuck in the middle, we solve faults and problems and provide scalability.

Security Operations Center (SOC)

We are responsible for ongoing operations in the network for security. SOC service includes Forensic analyses, analyzing incidents etc.

Network Assessments:
Before any action plan Our experts inspect network, servers, firewalls, routers and more to analyze any security gaps.

Proactive Network Maintenance and Monitoring:
Making preventive measures to protect from any attack, monitoring network for security gaps then implements firewalls patches & Security software settings upon.

Incident Analysis:
In any case of an incident such as Data breach occurs and resolved, our team will analyze and determine the root cause after investigation to prevent that happening again in future, this all can be done through a set of security software’s and diagnostic tools.

Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Solving real-time problems and taking preventive measures with a set of tools and services with a dashboard view of your organization’s information security systems. Monitoring the notifications and logs from the security systems to analyze the useful acts and changes for the betterments.

Network Automation

We help our clients ease the process of automating the network with the use of software by deploying, configuring, managing and testing, and operation of devices within a network. Network automation can be used by any type of network. This also helps companies to maximize the Network efficiency and functionality.

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