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Email Security (Email Gateway)

Why Email Security (Email Gateway)

Email continues to be the primary mode of communication for the majority of organizations. However, it also stands as the foremost avenue exploited by cybercriminals seeking to infiltrate networks, pilfer or corrupt data, and tarnish reputations. The tactics employed in email attacks are becoming increasingly targeted, sophisticated, and perilous. Presently, all sectors grapple with a surge in phishing attempts, malicious attachments, and ransomware incidents. A secure email gateway proves indispensable in safeguarding businesses against harmful content embedded in emails, thwarting their delivery to the intended recipients. By either quarantining malicious emails or blocking the sender, a secure email gateway significantly diminishes the incidence of successful compromises involving user credentials, email hosts, and sensitive corporate data.

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Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway

Fortinet FortiMail

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