Lemon Communications


ELV (Extra low voltage) Systems integrators and ELV services. Help you to integrate the systems that operate at low voltage and give you better control and security over your business and organization. We are one of the best ELV Companies in Pakistan.

Data Center Services

We also provide Data center build services which includes ELV devices and systems that keeps data center temperature controlled and overall make it more secure. For example: Cooling systems, Power Distribution, Physical Site Security, Remote monitoring capability, Thermal Camera solutions, etc.

Security Solutions

Security solutions to protect your business & organization from any physical threat, this set of physical security solutions includes all ELV systems and devices that help in the security area. For Example: IP CCTV Systems, Alarm Systems, Door Access Control, Lift Access Control, Intercom, Sensors, Intrusion Detection system, Gate Barrier System, Time & Attendance System, and Smart Home Automation System. Also Checkout our Partner Elv company in Dubai

Management Solutions

Nowadays, devices and sets of ELV systems are in the market to ease out the management. Set of ELV systems that helps to manage your organization or make management ease comes in Management solutions, For example: Queue Management System, Parking Management System.

Networking & Cabling

Also our team of IT professionals helps in structured cabling and specializes in the art of integration of IT passive with optimized Structure and ELV Technology Solutions, have extensive experience of supplying, installing, & commissioning a range of ELV systems. Intelligent cabling solutions and rack solutions.

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