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SSL Inspection

Why SSL Inspection?

SSL/TLS Inspection, or HTTPS Interception, involves looking at encrypted internet communication between a user and a server. This can happen both ways, like in man-in-the-middle attacks, without the knowledge of those involved. While it might seem like SSL Inspection goes against the purpose of HTTPS/SSL (which protects sensitive data), it serves a crucial role. SSL encryption shields data from snooping and tampering, but it also hides potential threats. Malicious content can lurk in encrypted traffic, escaping regular security checks and causing harm. SSL Inspection aims to address this by checking for and filtering out harmful content, such as malware. This process, called Full SSL Inspection or Deep SSL Inspection, allows for antivirus scanning, web filtering, and email filtering. A dedicated device, often called a ‘middlebox,’ sits in the middle to handle interception and inspection.

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