ELV Solutions

Structured Cabling and Cabinet Solution: Lemon Communications provides versatile solutions for various needs including, copper solutions, fiber solutions, intelligent cabling solutions and rack solution for DC and Campus.

Physical Security Solutions:

Lemon Communications has proven itself providing IPCCTV Systems for reputable companies such as CP-Plus, Honeywell, Aduha, and Hikvision; Access Control Systems to companies such as Finger Tec, Honeywell, Time & Attendance System to ZK Tec.

Data Centre build Services

Organizations are centralizing their IT operations by cultivating central data centers. Lemon Communications aims to help in this regard by utilizing its wide range of specializations to offer the following services: virtualization, to improve the efficiency of existing resources in a cost effective manner; data migration, which includes applications servers and physical shifting of equipment while addressing core elements; Cooling systems to ensure ideal temperatures within the center; Raised flooring to accommodate the massive amounts of cable; uninterrupted water supply, to maintain operations; fire suppression systems that are environmentally friendly and non-toxic; and water detection, through the installation of water sensitive cables designed to address any leaks effectively.

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